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Reduced Stroke In Women Linked To Coffee Drinking! Low or no coffee consumption was associated with an increased in a study of 34,670 women (ages 49 to 83) followed for an average 10.4 years. Although it may be too soon to change coffee-drinking habits, the study should ease the concerns of some women, the researchers suggested.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. "Therefore, even small health effects of substances in coffee may have large public health consequences," said researchers conducting the study from the Division of Nutritional Epidemiology, National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Groups of people who reported drinking 1-2 cups per day, 3-4 cups per day or 5 or more cups per day had similar benefits compared with those who reported daily intake of less than a cup of coffee, researchers said.

The differences were unchanged by smoking status, body mass index, history of diabetes, hypertension or alcohol consumption, indicating that coffee's effects are not influenced by those known cardiovascular risk factors.

Scientists have theorized that coffee could have either beneficial or harmful effects on the cardiovascular system, but earlier studies have been inconclusive. Only one previous prospective study, which was also inconclusive, examined the association between coffee consumption may Reduced stroke In Women.

"Our research group has previously observed an inverse association between coffee consumption and risk in Finnish male smokers," the researchers said. "We wanted to assess the situation in women."

The women participated in the long-running Swedish Mammography Cohort, an epidemiological study investigating the association between diet, lifestyle and disease development. All the women were free of cardiovascular disease and cancer at baseline in 1997, when they answered the food frequency questionnaire analyzed in the study.

Researchers collected data on cases that occurred between Jan. 1, 1998 and Dec. 31, 2008,by linking the study group with the Swedish Hospital Discharge Registry that provides almost complete coverage of Swedish hospital discharges.

After adjustment for other risk factors, coffee consumption was associated with a statistically significant lower risk, cerebral infarction and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

In general, cerebral infarction is most strongly associated with dietary factors.

The food frequency questionnaire made no distinction between regular and decaffeinated coffee but decaffeinated coffee consumption in the Swedish population is low.

Potential ways that coffee drinking might reduce stress and improving insulin sensitivity, they said.

The study's limitations include the use of a self- administered questionnaire to determine medical history and history of coffee consumption, which inevitably includes some measurement error and mis-classification of exposure, and the possibility of an unrecognized confounding factor associated with either low or moderate coffee consumption.

Some women have avoided consuming coffee because they have thought it is unhealthy. In fact, increasing evidence indicates that moderate coffee consumption may decrease the risk of some diseases such as diabetes andliver cancer.

More studies on coffee consumption are needed before firm conclusions can be reached, they said.

Story Source: American Heart Association Journal Reference: Coffee Consumption and Risk of Stroke in Women. Stroke, 2011;

Editor's Note: This article is not intended to provide medical advice,diagnosis or treatment.

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