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Childrens health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Most parents know the basics of keeping children healthy, like offering them healthy foods, making sure they get enough sleep and exercise and insuring their safety.

It is also important to get regular checkups with their health care provider. These visits are a chance to check your child's development. They are also a good time to catch or prevent problems.

Other than checkups, school-age should be seen for significant weight gain or loss, Sleep problems or change in behavior. Fever higher than 102, Rashes or skin infections, Frequent sore throats and Breathing problems.

Your child is no longer a baby. The beginning of school reminds parents that their child is growing up.

Between the ages of 6 and 12 they grow and mature at very different rates. It's hard to say what normal is. There can be big differences in height,and weight. Diet, exercise and genes are all factors. Some begin puberty or are close to it before they are teenagers.

They start to become more less dependent from their parents. They may rebel. They also look outward, to their friends, who are usually of the same sex. Peer approval becomes very important. They may try new behaviors to be part of the group. This can also be the time that parents or teachers recognize learning disabilities or behavioral problems. These problems can get worse as time goes on, so it is important to get help early.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends getting adequate Calcium and Vitamin D on a daily basis as a key step in developing and maintaining healthy bones. Higher levels of Vitamin D have been shown to have an important impact on long term bone health to help protect against osteoporosis.

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Vitamin D-3 Drops

Since 1972 In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dietary Supplement 4000 IU Per Serving Vital to Health & Well-Being 300 Servings Kosher Parve Vitamin D is called the "Sunshine Vitamin" because it is produced naturally by the body after exposure to 20 min - 1/2 hour of sunlight. Many people develop deficiencies due to lack of sun exposure, living in cold climates, and other reasons. Research continues to accumulate showing that vitamin D deficiency is widespread, and that this deficiency is linked to a wide range of illnesses. Vitamin D is most well known for its contribution to joint and bone health by helping the body absorb calcium. However, new research is showing that Vitamin D also plays a major role in immune function, and other metabolic processes important for the maintenance of health and well being. It is especially important to maintain adequate Vitamin D levels in children, as we age, and when we are under stress. Vitamin D-3 is vital for many functions in our bodies, including the promotion of strong bones by assisting calcium metabolism. Vitamin D also influences a host of key biological functions vital to health and well-being.

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