SAMBUCUS,Liquid Black Elder Berry



Liquid Black Elder Berry

Hi-Concentrate Extract Ultra Strength Formula

Contains 5000 mg Per Teaspoon

Sambucus nigra is the preferred species for the medicinal variety of blue/black Elder berries. It has a long history for use as a natural, food-derived medicine in European countries including Belgium, Denmark, Germany and England. For centuries, Native Americans have also used Elder Berry for coughs, infections and skin ailments.

Today, Sambucus (Black Elder Berry) is considered a powerful natural immune supportive dietary supplement. It's been the subject of numerous scientific studies, especially for its beneficial effects in reducing the symptoms of the common cold and flu. Therapeutic uses for Sambucus Black Elder Berry are: Bronchitis, Influenza, colds, sore throats, swollen glands and common Herpes simplex breakouts.

The nutrient-rich blue/black Elder berries contain a naturally-balanced blend of essential Vitamins A and C, B complex plus protective antioxidants (including flavonoids and Quercetin) It has a delightful natural sweet-tangy fruit flavor, easy-to-take soothing syrup, day or night, as needed.

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